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L - La Union

La Union is a Spanish term for “the union” or “the unification” of three territories, three ethnic groups, three dialects in Northern Luzon. Born out of a fusion of the towns from the provinces of Ilocos Sur, Pangasinan, and Benguet, the making of La Union was conceived by Governor-General Narciso S. Claveria, Spain’s most dynamic colonial executive. Popularly known as the Governor-General who gave surnames to the native Indios and Filipinos in 1849, he formed La Union before he retired to Spain in 1849. On March 02, 1850, his successor Antonio Maria Blanco penned the superior decreto that formally launched the unique founding of La Union as the 34th province during the last century of Spanish Colonization.

The Municipalities that comprises the province are: Agoo, Aringay, Bacnotan, Bagulin, Balaoan, Bangar, Bauang, Caba, Luna, Naguilian, Rosario, San Gabriel, San Juan, Santol, Santo Tomas, Sudipen, and Tubao. The City of San Fernando is the province’s capital and only city.

Some pictures from the province:


The Ma-Cho Temple in San Fernando, taken October 2008.

Paratong Beach Sunset

Sunset watching in Paratong Beach in the town of Bacnotan (my dad's hometown) - taken May 2008.

Agoo Church

Basilica Minore de Nuestra Senora Caridad in the town of Agoo - taken May 2008.


"Nips Land" in the town of Balaoan. Nips is the Philippine version of the M&Ms candies, and since the stone wall of this grotto has different colors, we dubbed it as Nips Land. Taken October 2008.

Surf Break 3

Surf's up in the town of San Juan. This town is also called the surfing capital of the North. The waves here aren't as high as the one in Siargao, making it a great training ground for people who wanted to learn the sport. Taken October 2008.

Still so many places in La Union I haven't seen, but I know in time, I will get to see them all.

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Marvelous photos of a beautiful place! Perfect for the L Day!



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Lovely shot, very very nice! thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful place! Wonderful photos!

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Beautiful photos, and great information about the unification that formed the province. Thank you for a most interesting post.

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beautiful images and interesting history

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How has La Union worked politically?