My Photography Army

A lot of people tend to think that having a blog (especially a photo blog) means owning a DSLR Camera. This blog (I think) is a proof that one really doesn't need to own a very sophisticated tool to showcase different images. 99.99% of the images on this blog are taken using point-and-shoot camera, and on this page, I would like to present my army, the reasons why I loved photography and every little detail associated with it.

Sony Ericsson K800i

Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone

Last quarter of 2007, I was able to purchase a new cell phone (to replace the old Nokia 3210 that I was using), and at first I thought of purchasing the Motorola V3x, the same cell phone my sister used back then, but when I spotted this model at the shop, I decided to get this one instead because it was within the same price bracket and this cell phone's camera had 3.2 megapixels, compared to the 2 megapixels the Motorola had. At that time, I wasn't really into photography yet, but when I discovered how great the camera settings on this cell phone, I was over the top happy I chose this cell phone.

Up until now, I still am using this cell phone, and during times when my digital camera had no batteries, or I needed to take a picture of something discreetly or urgently (no time to grab my camera), I use this cell phone.

Canon Powershot A460

Canon Powershot A460

This was my brother's old camera; in our household, he was the very first one to own a digital camera, and this being a very basic camera, I really loved this one because the colors of the images are really vivid. Well, something went wrong with the lens, and even if brother had the lens changed, it still pretty much went dysfunctional after a few months.

Pictures shared on this blog taken 2007 to 2008 are taken using this camera.

Canon Powershot A580

Canon Powershot A580

The time we started using brother's camera, it allowed the family to take lots of pictures, but since brother was living in La Union (our paternal home-province), certain life moments weren't immortalized, so when my mom and I received an invitation to Pangasinan, mom decided it was time for us to get our own camera. Among the choices we had, mom went with this model, and this camera allowed me to learn more about photography. Not the best camera we owned, but it did serve us well.

This camera is still alive, but my siblings are the ones using this now because I already have my own camera to use. Most of 2008 photos are taken using this camera, but every now and then I still borrow this camera from my siblings.

Canon Powershot A1000is

Canon Powershot A1000is

This camera wasn't really something I was planning to own as I am quite happy with the A580, but when my sister took the A580 camera with her as she embarked on a month-long internship at the Negros Navigation and I needed to have a camera as I was about to travel out of town with brother, I sought the help of my mom so I could purchase a new camera.

I didn't care much about the model then; I just wanted to have a camera with an IS (image stabilizers), and seeing this model had the purple one (I know it's not Grimace-like purple, but it is purple), I decided to go with this. A surprise blessing as I call this one, because this camera was the most dear to me - it helped me capture life moments, as well as learn more about photography with it as my partner.

Pictures taken in 2009 - 2010 were taken using this camera; I had no plans of ditching this one, but unfortunately, there was an accident while traveling and this camera fell face down on the wet shore and it didn't bounce to life anymore.

Canon Powershot SX130is

Canon Powershot SX130is

Following the death of my A1000is, I began searching for its rightful replacement, and while I did love the image quality of the A1000is, I decided to "take it up a notch" by getting a camera that not only has a longer optical zoom, it also has manual settings where I could change the shutter speed and / or the aperture. There were two models to choose from that fit my budget, and in the end I got the SX130is.

At first I really didn't like the image quality of this camera - it pretty much like images taken using cell phone, but little by little, I am starting to love it more and more. This is my current camera, and even if I have dreams of owning a DSLR in the future, I have no plans of giving up this one just yet.

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Like I said, 99.99% of the images shared on this blog are taken using my point-and-shoot cameras, but there's this tiny percent amount of pictures taken using other people's cameras:
  • Canon EOS 450D - I once went to Tagaytay with my friend who allowed me to use this camera, though not all pictures taken were shared here.
  • Nikon Coolpix P80 - This was Nathalie's camera (point and shoot with manual settings); certain photo walks we did, she allowed me to use this camera so I could familiarize myself with a Nikon camera. Most of the pictures I took from one particular photo walk are still in another friend's care (I asked the pictures to be burned in a DVD), so I still haven't shared much of those pictures.
  • Fuji Finepix S1800 - This was K's camera (point and shoot with manual settings); when we went on a holiday and my Canon Powershot A1000is died, he allowed me to use his camera for the time being. Although I was a bit happy using my cell phone, I did appreciate the certain times I used this camera.
  • Fujifilm FinePix XP100 - My sister's camera. We might be big Canon users, but my sister wanted to own a waterproof camera so we will have means of taking pictures even if we go on beach trips.  Although this is sort of considered as something anyone in the family can use, I plan to only use it whenever necessary.

By the looks of it, I am pretty much partial to Canon, but that doesn't mean my doors are closed; while I love my current camera, if I am given the chance to own a Nikon camera, I'm going to grab it with both hands. Will this army grow in time? Hopefully.

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