Thursday, September 30, 2010

Manipis (Thin)


Hindi ako masyadong relihiyosa, pero bilang isang Katoliko, importante para sa akin ang i-obserba ang mga mahahalagang araw, gaya ng Mahal na Araw. Ang litratong ito ay kuha noong Huwebes Santo, pagkatapos kong magdasal ng rosaryo. Dahil wala pa akong litrato para sa aking Project 365, ginamit ko na rin ang pagkakataon upang mag-isip ng aking litrato.

{I am not that much of a religious person, but as a Catholic, it is important for me to observe certain important dates in the Catholic Calendar, especially the Holy Week. This picture was taken last Maundy Thursday, after I prayed the rosary. I still don't have a picture for my Project 365 that day, so I also used the time to think of a suitable photo.}

Kinuhanan ko ng litrato ang aking rosaryo, at dahil ginamit ko ang sindi sa kandila upang maging ilaw, napaglaruan ko na ring kunan ng litrato ang usok mula sa kandila. Ilang beses ring nagpatay-sindi ang kandilang ito para lamang makuhanan ko ang manipis na usok. Mahirap magtantya ng pagkakataon, at mahirap i-focus ang camera at dumantay ng kaunti para patayin ang ilaw. Sa huli, napag-alaman kong mas magandang kunan ng litrato ang bagong patay na ilaw mula sa kandila ilang segundo pagkatapos itong ihip-an.

{I took pictures of my rosary, and because I used the candle as my only source of light, I decided to play with candle and took pictures of the smoke. I had quite a few attempts in capturing the thin smoke, and it was quite difficult to focus, time my shot, and leaning forward to turn off the light. In the end, I have learned that it was much better to take a shot of the smoke a few seconds after I blew out the light.}

*** Jenn ***

Finger Chili

Joining photo memes has given me chance to check on different blogs. Aside from learning about the blogger through the posts made, I also got to learn about a new meme. What made me decide to join this is because it allows me to think of a suitable picture to share. This week's theme is "togetherness," and this is my share:

Finger Chili


It was difficult for me to think what to share, and I admit when I first learned about the theme, I was thinking of not joining this week, and would just join next week. Luckily, my brother bought a whole lot of finger chili, and around 9pm last night, I decided to gather some, tied it together and took pictures of it. As usual, I used my sister's over-sized black shirt for the background.

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Rose in Monochrome

When mom celebrated her birthday last year, she invited some friends for some celebration here in the house. To add some embellishment in the table, sister wanted to add some fresh flowers, but considering our location, there weren't flower shops nearby, except the flower kiosk at a church next town. Still, even if the flowers didn't look as fresh as we wanted them to be, we bought it and put it in the vase.

After the party, I took some time to take pictures of the flowers. This rose was originally shot in color, but as I edit the pictures, I decided to convert this one to black and white before uploading it in my Facebook account.

*** Jenn ***

K - Kalachuchi


People all around the world know this flower as "Plumeria," but here in the Philippines, we call it "Kalachuchi." A very sweet smelling flower, and beautiful, too... but, this is a flower you should never give a Filipina (a woman from the Philippines), because for some reasons, this flower is associated with cemeteries. I don't know why... back when I was young, I loved the smell of this flower, but whenever I would pick a fallen flower off the ground while vacationing in my maternal hometown, older cousins would tell me it's a flower for the dead - because people there would offer the flowers to the graves of their dead loves ones.

I don't know if the stigma was still there, but nevertheless, I still love how this flower smells. Normal color would be the white one (sometimes with a hint of yellow inside), but this unique looking kalachuchi I saw at the grounds of EDSA Shrine in Ortigas.

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


SSS Diliman Cheerdance

Last Saturday, I went with mom to the Family Day of SSS NCR Central. It was a get-together of five different branches in a day of fun and some friendly competition. One of those competitions was the Cheerdance event, where employees had to perform under 5 minutes.

This is the Diliman team, and because they performed after my mom and her officemates performed, so I wasn't able to watch this routine in full anymore. This was one of the very few pictures I took from them.

*** Jenn ***

Street Food

This week's theme is: Night. I am actually a morning person, and it's seldom for me to go out at night, but here is a picture I took one nighttime last week:

Street Food

Taken while inside the bus while the family travels home from Mom's Birthday Celebration, this row of street food carts where located at the Regalado Avenue side of SM City Fairview. People going to North Caloocan and Bulacan wait here for their ride home (using public transportation). These carts would start selling mid afternoon, but it was much popular during night time, because they cater to people who are going home from a long day at work. Whenever I pass by this side, I am very interested at how each of them devour to the different street foods offered: coated chicken and quail eggs, banana-cues, siomai, fishballs, orlians, and squid balls. Some even go exotic and would eat fried one day old chicks, or those skewered beef internals. Should one get thirsty, there are drinks available - from bottled waters and juices, to the "samalamig."

Whenever I go to SM City Fairview, this is where I get a jeep ride home. However, I still haven't tried eating the street foods from this place because I would normally eat at the mall, and got no reason to still taste the street foods. I do eat some of the street foods, but the one day old chick and the fried beef internals are just two I won't try.

*** Jenn ***

Monday, September 27, 2010

From Aunt's Garden


Today's Flowers

Whenever I am in La Union, I try my best to maximize my vacation, but of course there would be a day or two when I am just at home, lazing around. Still, being a person who took on the Project 365, even if I am home I try to roam around the lot to find a picture for the day.

This plant was located near the gate of our house. I don't know the name of it, but I really liked this plant because even if the plant was small, it had a lot of flowers... and I still haven't seen it without a flower. It resembles the cosmos, but I don't know for sure if they are related.

*** Jenn ***