Wednesday, July 29, 2009

B = Bolinao

ABC Round 5


My mom hailed from Bolinao in the Province of Pangasinan. Before, it's not really considered a destination for tourists, I remember back in late 1999, a classmate of mine had told me a joke that shampoo still hasn't reached this side of the world (in other words, the place is still primitive), but when the technology for breeding milkfish in saltwater was developed, the place started gaining its name. Soon enough, people have realized that this town is a great place to be at.

This picture was shot July of 2008.

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nakakakilabot (Scary)


Hindi ko alam kung paano ii-interpret ng mga kapwa ko litratista ang tema ngayong linggo, pero nang makita ko ang tema, eto agad ang naisip ko. Kuha ito sa isang tindahan sa Mines View Park sa Baguio City noong nakaraang Marso. Kasama ko noon ang ang isang pinsan ko para mamasyal, hindi kasi ako masyadong nakapamasyal sa Baguio noong nakaraang Panagbenga Festival dahil sa dami ng mga tao.

{I don't know how will my co-photographers will interpret the theme, but when I first saw the theme for this week, this was the first image I had in mind. This was taken in a store in Mines View Park in Baguio City last March. I was there with my cousin to roam around as I wasn't able to roam that much in the city during the Panagbenga Festival.}

Bago lumabas ng Mines View Park, dadaanan mo ang hile-hilerang tindahan... at minabuti na rin naming mag-usisa sa mga itinitinda doon. Nakita ko ang isang ito, ngunit sa sobrang dilim ng tindahan, naisip kong i-on ang flash. Pagkakuha ng litrato, eto ang lumabas. Kahit ako nagulat din, pero hinayaan ko na lang. Hindi ko alam kung para saan ang anitong ito, pero sa tingin ko, di ko kakayaning bilhin ito at i-display sa aming bahay.

{Before exiting the Mines View Park, people will pass by rows of stores. We decided to check different shops, and I saw this in one of the stores. It was very dark inside, so I thought of turning on the flash, and when I hit the shutter, this image came out. Even I was surprised. I don't know what's this anito is for, but for whatever purpose it serve, I don't think I can buy this and display in our house.}

At dahil usapang Baguio na rin naman, ipinapaalam ko pong mawawala po ako ng ilang araw... mamayang gabi po ay ba-byahe ako pa-Baguio para sa Singles for Christ Metro Manila Conference at isusunod ko na rin po ang aking byahe pa-La Union at Vigan. Sa Miyerkules na po ang balik ko. Salamat sa pagdaan.

{And because I am already talking about Baguio, I want to tell everyone that I will be out for a few days... I will be traveling tonight going to Baguio City to attend the Singles for Christ Metro Manila Conference, and I will also pass by our house in La Union before I travel to Vigan. I will be back on Wednesday. Thanks for dropping by.}

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A = Ayala Avenue

Wow... it's now Round 5 of ABC Wednesday! In the previous rounds, I wasn't really able to post entries for the entire duration of the round, so now, I really am making efforts in completing all the letters in the alphabet.

Ayala cor Makati Avenues

For Round 5, I decided to post pictures of places, or anything related to it. For letter A, I am posting a picture I took in Ayala Avenue in Makati City. I took this in April of 2008 using my cell phone, while my sister and I were waiting for a friend of mine. Being in this location brought me back memories as I used to cross this avenue everyday - day in and day out. The cylindrical shaped building is where I used to work as a telemarketer.

The road where the vehicles are is Makati Avenue, the road intersecting it is Ayala Avenue, one of the busiest roads in Makati. This city is the central business district of Metro Manila.

*** Jenn ***

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Nameless White Flower

Today's Flowers

White Flower

Continuing with the white flower posts for Today's Flowers...

This picture was shot at a seminary when my SFC siblings and I went there on Good Friday. It was (I think) the 8th year that they were doing the Good Friday walk going to the seminary, but because I joined SFC just November last year, it was just my first time to go with them.

When we reached the seminary, we look for a place in the grounds for our discussions and reflections. After the opening prayer, we chilled out for a while - chit chats about anything and everything, and as brother Ran and I talked about photography, I noticed this plant and took a picture of its flowers. Very small plant with a small flower, glad the macro mode of my point and shoot camera was able to take it.

*** Jenn ***

Saturday, July 18, 2009


photo hunt

100/365 - God is My Rock

Originally posted in my Project 365 blog, this was shot at a seminary when my SFC (Singles for Christ) siblings and I went out for a walk on Good Friday. It was such a spiritually fulfilling day.

One of the things I was thankful for that day was that I was able to learn new things about taking pictures. One of the brothers, Ran, taught me a lesson about taking pictures from the ground up - because he said most people take pictures at their level or looking down on the subject. Before leaving the seminary, we tested the lesson, and here was what I came up with.

I named it "God is My Rock." the crucifix was Ran's necklace placed on a rock at one of the seminary's garden. The rock wasn't that big actually, but because I took the picture from the ground, it really seemed as if the rock was huge. I had a nice time taking the picture, but surely, getting it done was difficult. I had to lay flat on the ground to get this!

Happy weekends, everyone!

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuyo (Dry)


Ang tema para sa linggong ito ay "tuyo." Nung ipi-nost ko ang litrato ng isang bulaklak na may patak ng ulan noong nakaraang linggo, naisip kong mag-post ng isang tuyot na bulalaklak para ngayon. Naisip kong i-post ang isang lumang litrato, pero nang makita ko ito kahapon sa hardin ng isa naming kapitbahay, agad kong nilitratuhan. Gusto ko ang contrast sa pagitan ng tuyot na bulaklak at ng maayos pa - parang buhay din, minsan maayos, minsan hindi.

{Today's theme for Litratong Pinoy is "dry." When I posted a picture of a flower with water drops last week, I was eager to post a picture of a dried flower. I instantly thought of putting a picture I took last March, but as I was waiting for a tricycle going out of the subdivision, I noticed this plant in our neighbor's garden. I just liked the contrast between the dried flower and the alive one. Pretty much like life, too, eh? Some days you're up, some days you're down.}

*** Jenn ***

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little White Flowers

Today's Flowers

160/365 - White Flower

I don't know that the flowers are called; I just saw them as I was walking out of the subdivision
going to the market. The plant has a very long vine like branch where these little flowers were attached. In a way it looked like a hyacinth - at least with how the flowers attached to the stem looked like. It was just a quick snapshot.. I had to catch my brother who was walking way too fast that day.

*** Jenn ***