Wednesday, December 02, 2009

T - Taoist Temple

I am sure there are many Taoist temples in the country, but being a Catholic, I was privileged enough to enter two Taoist temples.


This one is the Philippine Taoist Temple in Cebu City. It was built by the Chinese Community in the city, and is open to worshipers and non-worshipers alike. People are welcome to roam around, take pictures and enjoy the view... but taking pictures inside the worship temple is strictly prohibited.

This picture was taken 23 February 2009, on my last day in the city. Too bad I wasn't able to see any of the monks, but it was okay... maybe next time.

Ma-Cho Temple

This picture of my cousin, my sister, and I was taken in Ma-Cho Temple, in San Fernando City, La Union. Unlike the one in Cebu, this temple is in a way associated with the Catholic religion - in fact a Catholic priest said his mass here. The worship area is also open for people who wanted to take pictures, but of course, that has to be done with respect.

This was taken 30 October 2009, during our short vacation in La Union.

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Sylvia K said...

Marvelous, colorful shots for the day, Jenn! Really delightful!



Carolyn Ford said...

What a gorgeous temple! It's so colorful...thank you for sharing!

Mar said...

What a beautiful temple and fantastic shots!!

T is for Tram...and TP!

Mara said...

What a lovely and colourful temple! I liked the dragon especially!

Rantis said...

Lovely and colourful temple, nive pictures!

Roger Owen Green said...

Terrific images; quite striking from a far distance, I can only imagine.

Tumblewords: said...

How beautiful! You girls look like you're having a good time!

Judi said...


jay said...

How lovely those buildings are! And you three do seem to be having fun!

What is the significance of the dragon?