Friday, December 02, 2011

One Week Recap

Oh noes! It's been more than a week since I last updated this blog! Well, time management is still a learning process for me, but even if I haven't blogged, I never really stopped taking pictures. To make up for the lost time, I decided to choose one picture from each day (from 25 November - 01 December) and share it here. Most of these pictures were taken during my morning walks at Colinas Verdes.

Nov 25 - Wildflower

25 November 2011

One of the wonderful things about greenish wide open spaces is that it had ample space for different kinds of plants. I don't know what this flower is called, but its pale purple color surely caught my interest in an instant!

Nov 26 - Lemonade

26 November 2011

Today I met up with my fitness buddy again. He has been so supportive and great to me (even if I don't get to see him everyday), so after we met up for some workout, I treated him for lunch. I took more than a few pictures that day, but I chose to share this picture, because I normally take pictures of my drinks with my camera facing down; today my buddy suggested I take a picture of it with my camera a little below and the lens looking straight the glasses. It was a great suggestion; I was able to do something I don't normally do.

Nov 27 - Bashful Mimosa

Bashful Mimosa
27 November 2011

I took this picture with my camera under the leaves. Another angle I learned from my fitness buddy (hmm... he sure is more than a fitness buddy, he's also a photo buddy because of the tips he shared to me. This was a shot of faith as I couldn't see my camera's LCD - the plant is a few inches away from the ground. I just positioned my camera, hit the shutter halfway (to focus it) before fully hitting the shutter to make the shot. It turned out wonderful and I was happy.

Nov 28 - Tree Silhouette

Tree Silhouette
28 November 2011

I was late for this day's walk and the sun was already up and shining so bright. I took this before entering Colinas Verdes' gate, and even if it was sunny that morning, this picture was a blessing.

Nov 29 - Grass

29 November 2011

Today I decided to leave my camera and just take my cell phone. Doing my morning walks here everyday made me feel as if I have already seen all there is to see. Taking a break from 30 minutes of brisk walking, I just attempted to put my cell phone's camera on macro mode and take a picture of the grass, hoping to get a clear shot of the grass and the background slightly blurred. Well, I wasn't able to achieve it, but I did love how the image turned out.

Nov 30 - Sunrise

Golden Sunrise
30 November 2011

This wasn't the SOOC. I brought my cell phone again today, and for a while I felt a bit sad seeing this wonderful sunrise from afar. If I brought my camera, I might have taken a much better picture, but of course, I'd just have to be contented with what I have. The original shot wasn't as close as this - I just cropped it and made a 640x480 selection, then I gave it a pass of Golden Autumn lomo script, because even if my eyes were seeing an orange tint in the sky, my cell phone's camera wasn't able to fully capture the colors the way I saw it.

Dec 1 - Me at 207lbs.

01 December 2011

The last two months has been one heck of a ride for me. Though it was, I was happy to learn many things - that I can surely wake up real early in the morning to walk (even if I was alone) and eating less than normal. I have lost 19lbs total for the last two months, and though I still am over 200lbs and my weight today is basically the same as my weight when I first hoped to slim down in 2008, I was happy to be able to fit into my sister's blouse and a pair of denim shorts, both of which were too small for me to fit into before.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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