Friday, February 26, 2010

Gone North!

Panagbenga Festival 2009
2009 Panagbenga Festival

...not yet, but I will tonight.

I am hoping to get an 11PM bus ride to Baguio City so I could take part of the 2010 Panagbenga Festival. The grand street parade will be tomorrow morning, so I will just spend the night on the road so I could be there as early as possible. I will be traveling alone, but it's okay... last year I traveled alone as well. When I get to Baguio, I will just send some friends messages so we could meet there.

From Baguio, I will be heading straight to our house in La Union, where I will be staying for nearly a week. I already drafted my schedule, and if it would go my way, here is how my week will be:

February 26 (F) - Travel to Baguio
February 27 (S) - 2010 Panagbenga Festival (grand street parade); travel to La Union
February 28 (S) - Bacnotan Church; Bacnotan Market; Lunch at Midway Grill; San Fernando Cathedral

March 01 (M) - Stay at home
March 02 (T) - Sunset watching at Paratong Beach
March 03 (W) - Balaoan Church; Nips Land; Forest Lake en Cielo cemetery (if sister would arrive in the morning); Bauang Church; Sunset watching at the shores of Bauang
March 04 (Th) - Stay at home
March 05 (F) - Dad's Death Anniversary
March 06 (S) - Sta. Maria Church; Vigan City

On days when I need to "stay at home," I will try to update my sites, and although I won't be going anywhere, I will definitely still do my best to take pictures of things. Sister told me she might take the night bus trip to La Union on March 02, I hope she would push through so she could also visit dad's grave, and at the same time I will be having a companion for the places I planned to visit.

Late February is also the time the City of San Fernando in La Union is celebrating their fiesta... I hope there would be programs so I could take part of it as well. I want to have a jampacked vacation!

I will be leaving by lunch time today because I still have to drop by the bus station to get my ticket, and attend the awarding ceremony for the Coke 2010 Resolutions this afternoon. Next update for this blog will be on Sunday.

Happy weekends!

*** Jenn ***