Monday, March 19, 2012

"No Spring Skips its Turn."

Whenever the word "spring" is spoken, the first image in mind would be "flowers." We don't have spring here in the Philippines, but I notice that the very cold weather from November til February of the next year would make some trees and plants shed its leaves and come March, the leaves return and the flowers bloom... just like winter and spring.

Spring Quote

With that in mind, I decided to just choose an image I took from this time of the year last year. One of the crops in season are Mung Beans, and this is a picture of the plant's flower I took while vacationing in my paternal hometown. I paid my aunt a visit and they planted quite a lot of mung beans, which I helped them harvest.

Winter can be compared to a person's cold and somewhat dark time; but just like each year... winter will end and spring will come. If you're in a dark moment, just hang on there - something great will happen sooner or later.

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