Tuesday, February 05, 2013


How I miss updating this blog!

I admit, 2012 wasn't a good year for me (in general), and not only did I neglect taking care of myself (I gained back half of the weight I lost in 2011), I also didn't use my camera that much. I truly miss joining photography link up parties as these memes allow me to explore and learn more about photography, so this year, I am making a resolution to learn more about photography and editing pictures.

Before I share my comeback image, I would like to say that I initially intend for this image to be shared on my other blog (which I co-author with my sister Jessie). My plan was to let her write about our whole day adventure at Quezon Memorial Circle and I would just insert a paragraph, but when she told me she already finished writing it, I didn't know where to place my paragraph, so I decided to just share it here instead. That being said, I apologize if the watermark of the image bears the other blog URL.

*please mouse over to see the sooc shot*

This week's prompt on Texture Tuesdays is "Pop!" I decided to share this picture because the white flower did stand out from the sea of green leaves, and to make it pop even more, I edited the image using these steps:
  • Made a selection around the flower and its stem using the Path Tool.
  • Used the Feather Tool set to default.
  • Made an Inverted Selection, then used the Mute Colors tool set to Desaturated Overlay.
  • Blurred the selection (Gaussian Blur at 18%).
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Lilly" texture, set to Burn at 48%.
  • Flattened the image and proceeded to the usual steps I do in editing images - a pass of National Geographic script (set to my own preference), followed by a pass of the Burn Tool.
  • Added watermark then flatten the image.

I am also going to link this image to Tina's PicStory. This week's prompt is "L," and this is going to be a stretch of the prompt, because the flower is located near the left side of the image, and that the flower looks a lot like lotus. :)

I won't be promising anything...but I will surely try to update this blog as much as I can. 

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