Friday, March 09, 2012

On the Water

I truly have neglected this blog... could it be I am losing interest with photography? I admit my focus took a little turn - that I am more into taking random pictures instead of really focusing on the art of photography, but I do miss taking pictures using my camera... lately I have been relying on my cell phone's camera to capture moments.

Anyway, I still love photography, which is why I am gathering all remaining flame in me and rekindle making sure I post something here even at least four posts a week.

Loboc River Cruise

This week's prompt on Foto Friday is "On the Water." When I read the prompt, I knew I'd use an image I took during my last trip to Bohol, and among the pictures, I chose this.

A trip to Bohol will never be complete without doing the Loboc River Cruise. Usually, tourists make this their itinerary for lunch because the cruise includes a buffet... but some tourists go for the dinner cruise because the Loboc River lights up come night time - making it romantic and somewhat magical.

Still, if you ask me, I'd still do the cruise during the daytime as I love to see the water, the lush greens and be in awe of nature's beauty.