Saturday, September 19, 2009

Upside Down

photo hunt


This picture was one of the last few shots I took when we visited the Philippine Taoist Temple in Cebu City. When brother and I reached the place, it rained for a while, but it was so great that the rain stopped a little while before we left. As we walked our way to the exit, I saw this reflection of the dragon from the puddle of water from the floor. I found it really cute, so I took the time to snapped a picture of it. This dragon statue was a prominent figure in the place.

*** Jenn ***


Jama said...

Hehehehe a creative upside down! I like it.

magiceye said...

gorgeous capture!

gengen said...

Very upside-down entry...Happy hunting.

Yami said...

Tamang-tamang ang entry mo sis. Nice shot!

here's mine po:

upto6only said...

nice shot.

Happy Weekend

Cookie said... looks like a mascot or something :)

healingmagichands said...

That's a great reflection! Very cool capture.

Susanne said...

Very creative!