Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lover Ant

Tuesdays on Weekday Photos is Macro, and here's my take for this week:

47/365 c2 - Lover Ant

In our garden, we have this hibiscus plant who became a shelter for many big, red ants, and whenever I wanted to take pictures to de-stress myself, I would just go to the garden and "invade" the ants' home. One time, my mom decided to trim down the plant, and I could no longer take pictures of the ants because the leaves and some of the branches were far too high for me to reach.

In my efforts to still take pictures of the ants, I noticed a trail along the fence and found that there were lots of the ants eating these itty bitty berry like fruits in one of the plants in the garden. I followed them and took pictures of the ants as they carry each of the berry, and following them lead me to this scene.

While some of the ants were carrying the berries, this one was carrying a flower (from the same plant). It found a trail using a vine of the orchid, and taking a picture of it looked like the ant was going to his lady love to give a flower.

Such a lover ant, eh? :)

*** Jenn ***


mor og datter said...

I love the photo and the story!

VJF said...

I'm glad that you followed the trail and got a picture. Great macro!

Carolyn Ford said...

That little wee flower is quite a load for the little wee ant! Great story and macro!

Cai - WP admin said...

cool photo, amazing how large the objects that ants can carry around.

Johnny Nutcase said...

what an awesome macro, love it!