Monday, June 07, 2010

A Mother in Need

I received an invitation to join another photo meme, and the site actually features different challenge for every day of the week (except weekends, of course).

Monday is all about "Creative Colors," and the theme for this week is Black and White, and this is my share:

...taken 07 May 2010, I was asked by my mother to go to the bank and deposit some money for my brother who was out of town. After the bank errand, I decided to find a food place where I can get cooked foods because I was a bit lazy to cook my lunch. While walking the streets of Lagro in Quezon City, I saw this mother with her baby. She was begging for some help, and I could feel for the mother because she was sleepy (maybe the baby cried all night), yet she has to be awake so she could extend her arms to ask for help.

I really feel sorry for the mother, but at the same time there was a voice in me that was a bit angry at her - for letting her little one feel the suffering. I was taught a valuable lesson, "who we are today are the consequences of choices we made the day before." I wish the mother good riddance.

This picture was captured using my Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone and edited in GIMP.

*** Jenn ***


Cai said...

Nice photo, the K800 takes good pictures for what it is and the age of the handset.

Melanie said...

Powerful pic. I like how the mother and child are in focus and everything else is blurred. Amazing pic for a phone.

Cai - said...

New week and new challenges at weekday photos!
Regards/ Cai - WP admin