Monday, June 07, 2010

Warped Gerber Daisy

Am supposed to feature "flora and fauna" for this month on Today's Flowers, but I got the themes mixed up and posted the picture for the Camera Critters meme yesterday, so this month on Today's Flowers, I will just feature random flower pictures. :)

Warped Gerber Daisy

Today's Flowers

Last Saturday, I met up with friends and because two of us joined Kristi's photo hunt this month, we decided to go to this part of the mall that has a flower kiosk. My friend said the kiosk has some blue roses, and because "something blue" was part of the "to hunt" list, we just gave ourselves the chance to cross something out of the list.

I did take pictures of the blue flower, but because it was a flower stand, they sure had quite a lot of bouquets and I took the liberty to take pictures of others as well. This was actually an orange colored gerber daisy, but I forgot to change my camera settings - it was on "cloudy" white balance, making the image more orange-y. At first I tried to convert it to black and white, but it didn't look good (for me), so I just played with some settings in GIMP. When I clicked on "colorize" and the image suddenly became blue, I decided to stick with it.

Well, this looks blue, but this won't be my "something blue" picture. :)

Happy new week, everyone!

*** Jenn ***


A 2 Z said...

What a blue flower! Is that its natural color?


Anonymous said...
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ShutterHappyJenn said...

No, it was naturally orange. I just played with it during the post processing.