Friday, August 07, 2009

From the Belfry

From the Belfry

During my last trip, I told myself that if I would go back to Vigan City, I would definitely go to its neighboring town of Bantay and go up the church's belfry. I was fortunate to meet an old man who was willing to tour me around Bantay Church, and accompanied me as I climb up the belfry. I was alone in the trip, but because of him, I was able to realize the plan that I had. I thank God for sending me angels to guide me.

The the topmost part of the belfry, there were several windows, and in one of those windows, this image can be seen. What a great way to start my Vigan trip! Well, it rained in the afternoon, but it was okay - I was able to get what I wanted for the trip, and I would be forever grateful.

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James said...

That is a spectacular view.

J Bar said...

Brilliant view.
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Hildred and Charles said...

beautiful blues...

Glennis said...

Nice view from your special place. I like the way you have framed the scene with the belfry walls.
Are there bats in the belfry?

Martha in PA said...

Great capture!