Friday, August 21, 2009

Partial Solar Eclipse

203/365 - Partial Solar Eclipse

Last month, the Philippines was one of the countries that was able to see the solar eclipse. It was just a partial one, but I was one of the people who eagerly awaited for it.

The news said that the eclipse would start at around 8:30AM, but when I went out to check the sky, the clouds were heavily guarding the sun. I went out of the house every now and then, until finally at around 11AM, I was able to see it.

It was about to end, but still, I was happy to see it. Using one of my sister's pair of sunglasses, I placed it over the lens of my camera, and through the screen of my camera, I watched one of astrology and nature's wonders. I am not sure when will a solar eclipse happen again, but heck yeah, I am proud of this picture, even if it wasn't nicely captured.

*** Jenn ***


squiggies said...

oh wow. pretty shot of the eclipse. we didn't get a hint of it here! booo. i was really hoping we could though.

kaye said...

so cool