Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Messenger

208/365 - Messenger

Continuing with the ants pictures for this month of August in Camera Critters.

A picture I took while I was in La Union last July... I was waiting for my lunch to cook when I lounged by the kitchen door, and instantly saw this big black ant. It was carrying a cut up dried leaf - for whatever purpose, obviously I don't know, but this has got to be the biggest ant I've ever seen. I was thankful I was able to photographed it, and thankful that even if he was walking fast, my little point and shoot camera was able to capture him well.

*** Jenn ***


Misty Dawn said...

Great macro shot! The detail is wonderful.

mimi said...

love the color, great post.

Larry D said...

That is a big ant, great closeup!

Chatelaine said...

The leaf must have been his lunch, he's bringing it back to the office for his coworkers.

Love your blog header, very cute.

My first Critters, nice to meet you.