Sunday, August 02, 2009


New month, new theme. For this month, I will feature ant pictures! It is very ironic that I am not an ant lover - I really don't like ants as they bite painfully, and whenever I left some food on the table, they will just attack and steal food! However, when it comes to photography, I just love taking picture of these critters!


This picture was shot March of 2008. My brother and I were in La Union, and after he attended a meeting, we walked to the bus stop where we will be taking our ride back home. I noticed in one of the benches these group of ants trying to carry a much bigger ant, so I asked brother to stop for a while as I take the picture.

I am not sure what the red ants are up to - are they carrying the big black ant to give it a well deserved tribute?

*** Jenn ***


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Something tells me it is not a tribute, I'm thinking it is lunch for the red ants.

Great macro shot, the lighting is perfect.

Dirk said...

Great macro! Love to watch ants, always working together.

mountain.mama said...

I thought about taking grasshopper pictures today. We have so many and I don't like them but they might make some interesting pictures. Just like the ants!

Mara said...

Well, it might be a tribute: a tribute to dinner most probably. Great shot by the way, really beautifully shot!

BJ Roan said...

I'm thinking they are having him over for lunch. ;)