Monday, March 08, 2010

Kissed by the Rain

New month (for me as I was out of town last week), new theme. This month, it's all about flowers with water drops on Today's Flowers.

Today's Flowers

38/365 - Kissed by the Rain

Taken February last year using my cell phone's camera, this picture was taken from the grounds of the barangay (the smallest unit of government here in the Philippines) hall where the family attended a meeting with the captain along with the neighborhood people. I thought this wasn't greatly shot as this was the only shot I made - my mom was rushing me because she didn't want us to be late... and people here in our place aren't still used to seeing people taking pictures of other things aside from people. To some, seeing me taking pictures of flowers made me look weird or it made me look as if I got nothing better to do. Well, in my own stand point, this is my life, as long as I am not stepping on someone else's toes, I am good. :)

Have a great new week, everyone!

*** Jenn ***


Judy said...

What a pretty little flower! Soft pink, and the raindrops add so much interest! I am surprised you got such a good photo with your phone!

Kathy said...

Kissed is a perfect description. I live in Arizona where it is very dry but it rained today and I took a walk during the rain and captured some photos of flowers getting "kissed."