Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunset in Paratong

Sunset in Paratong

My picture for this week was something taken during my vacation last week. Whenever I am in my paternal hometown in Bacnotan (La Union), I always try to go to Paratong Beach to watch the sunset. This beach isn't really that beautiful compared to the other beaches as this is a fishing village, but what I love about this is that whenever I would watch the sunset, I could really see the sun disappear into the horizon.

On this visit, not only was I able to see the sun go down, I was also able to roam around, and this boat caught my attention. It says on the side of the boat, "Trust in the Lord." I'd say amen to it. Happy weekends, everybody!

*** Jenn ***


Anonymous said...

I like beaches like this, undeveloped. This is where you can enjoy a slice of everyday life. The sunsets are fabulous too, aren't they?

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful shot. Lovely beach.

Bill S. said...

What a beautiful calm shore. But the colors are stunning. Great photo.

Guy D said...

Amazing shot Jenn, I love everything about it.

All the best
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