Friday, November 20, 2009

Light Piercing

Light Piercing

A picture taken last March, a time when my sister and I visited the MV Doulos during its stay in Manila. The oldest sailing passenger ship that is also converted into a floating bookstore was in Manila for the last time. Based on the articles I read, the ship will be de-commissioned next year, so we didn't miss out of this event.

Sister and I didn't buy any books, but we did buy MV Doulos items such as bags, pens, post cards, and key chains. The money collected were actually given to charity - and the ship is sailing all over the world to sell books and other items for charity. The ship is run by volunteers from all over the world, too.

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J Bar said...

dark and bold
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upto6only said...

That is a beautiful shot.

Happy weekend

Hildred and Charles said...

Marvelous lighting and a very interesting post about this library ship. So worthwhile.

chubskulit said...

Wonderful shot you've got!

Come and peek when the sun sets in Land of the Morning Calm

BK said...

Quite a magnificent ship!

Marites said...

love the colors and the lighting of the sky. I've been hoping that MV Doulos could come here in my city. It's been awhile since their last visit.

pierre/magdalena said...

You've got very beatiful shot and you dont need a expensive SLR to take great pictures.

Manang Kim said...

For sure it did rain after you took the picture ^_^ Nice shot you have here. Happy weekend!!

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Ann said...

I went to the same ship on it's last journey. I didn't take any photo of the ship because that was before I started blogging. So thanks.

I took this photo, may be you saw her/