Friday, November 27, 2009

San Lorenzo Ruiz's Tree

Quirino Grandstand

It was in 1636 when Lorenzo Ruiz and his companions (missionaries) went to Japan due to problems he had with the Spanish authorities. They were arrested and persecuted because of their Christian religion. They were tortured - hanging by their feet, by submerging in water until near death, and by water torture. Needles were also inserted under their finger nails and they were beaten until unconscious. These methods made some of Ruiz's companions recant their faith, but Ruiz never did.

In his words, Ruiz said, "I am a Filipino and a devout Christian. I would rather die a thousand deaths than renounce my faith."

On September 27, 1637, Ruiz and his companions were taken to the "Mountain of Martyrs", where they were hung upside down into a pit known as horca y hoya, or tsurushi. This mode of torture was considered as the most painful way to die at the time because it involved the use of rocks to add weight to the person being punished. The individual being tortured suffocated quickly while being crushed by his own weight. Two days after, Ruiz died from hemorrhage and suffocation. His body was cremated and his ashes were thrown into the sea.

In 1981, he was beatified in Rizal Park - the very same time the statue was presented. It was created by Italian sculptor Tomasso Gismoadi as his gift to the Filipino people. Lorenzo Ruiz was was canonized in 1980, making him the first (and so far the only) Filipino saint.

The narra tree in Quirino Grandstand next to where they put the statue was planted by Pope Paul VI, when he visited Manila on 28 November 1970.

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