Saturday, November 14, 2009


photo hunt

Fuente Osmena Circle

This week's theme on Photo Hunt is "music." This picture was taken last February on my trip to Cebu City. The guitar is one of the things the place is known for, and one can see guitars being sold in the sidewalks, and sometimes a vendor would carry stacks of guitars on his shoulders and walk around to sell it.

While on talks about the guitar... it was on my second year in high school when I taught myself how to play it, at that time most of the people in the school were playing or trying to play to guitar, I was there hoping I could do it, too. When I picked up the guitar and asked a classmate to help me learn it, another classmate said I would never ever gonna learn about it - because I might be too dumb for it.

He transfered schools, and a year after he visited the school and the look on his face when he saw me playing the guitar was so priceless. I taught myself how to play the guitar - blood, sweat, and tears (really) - but I did it. Well, I can only play the basic ones, I can only strum.. but at least, I can play it.

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upto6only said...

great shot of the guitars.

mine is guitar too :)

happy weekend

gengen said...

Oh how I wish that I can buy one of those and my son can use it...happy hunting...

jams o donnell said...

Cool guitars! Have a great weekend

travelingsuep said...


Manang Kim said...

Mine is guitar too and I am familiar with Magellan's guitar they are good guitars.

Mine is here My Life’s Journey in Focus

Mrs Mecomber said...

WOW! Those guitars are beautiful! Wonderful shot.

Happy Photo Hunting! I hope you get a chance to visit my post today at New York Happy trails!