Saturday, November 28, 2009


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When I was a kid, a day wouldn't be complete without playing with my neighbors. At that time, we would all gather in the street, play all sorts of games - from ball catching, to hopscotch, to jumping ropes.

Because of technology, the term "game" has a new different meaning now. Kids would often just stay indoors and play computer games. Even if they're out, some kids would still stay detached from the world because they're busy playing their portable game gadgets, like this kid. I took this picture when I attended a baptismal party - I found it so interestingly weird that even if most kids were busy playing with the balloons, he would just stand there and play with his PSP.

*** Jenn ***


chubskulit said...

Kids of today is much keen with technology than kids then.

I am playing too

upto6only said...

yes that is correct. Technology have changed a lot in our day too day activities. instead of going out, we tend to stay at home. well there is always an advantage and disadvantage of it.

ian said...

things really have changed... but it's up to us to make technology work for good =] (hopefully) technology will never replace real human connection. there's *something* much, much better with interacting with flesh and blood and drama and tears than nuts, bolts, and circuits...