Monday, January 04, 2010

Orange Flowers

My very first post for 2010. Happy New Year, everyone! New month, new theme for me here on Today's Flowers. For this month, I will share flower pictures taken with the flash on.

Today's Flowers

Orange Flowers

I was waiting for the sunset on 31 December, when I saw that one of the plants in our garden already had some flowers. Because it was already dusk, it was difficult for me to take flower pictures, so I had to turn on the flash. I am using a point and shoot camera, and in order to take close up pictures, I had to put the lens as close as possible to the subject. The flash would fire very close to the subject as well, so in order to achieve what I wanted, I set the exposure to -2, otherwise the flower would be very white because of the flash. I also set the camera to "center weighted avg." that's why the little antennas of the flowers were a bit blurred.

*** Jenn ***


SandyCarlson said...

Neat flowers. Thanks for the technical info.

Denise said...

A lot of thought went into this beautiful photo. The flower is exotic looking, and really stands out with that dark background. Thanks for sharing.