Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Goddaughter

Mothers take pride on their children, especially when they started doing things for the first time (good that is). When my goddaughter Alia entered school, my high school buddy Liza sent me a text message if I could attend Alia's field demonstration as part of the school's Foundation Day. She said that they weren't able to borrow a camera that time, and she was hoping I could be the one to take pictures of Alia. Of course, being the "second mother" of the young one, I happily went over to watch her perform.

For a 5 year old kid, Alia is a very hyperactive child, and that her confidence and the way she grasp knowledge is totally tremendous. This performance was actually her second time to perform, she performed with the rest of the her class earlier in the program, and for this, she danced with the Grade 3 students, of which her mom is the class teacher. I was a bit happy that because she was small compared to the other Grade 3 students, she was right in front of the group, giving me enough space to take her pictures.

Girls wore red ribbon on their hairs and they used red ribbon as a prop, while the boys had "dumbbells" created from 2 big empty evaporated milk cans and a stick. It was a great performance, and even if I am "just" Alia's godmother, I was really proud of her.

*** Jenn ***

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Siromade said...

Lovely photo of your God daughter...she must receive many gifts always..I like you to be my godmother too.lol Nice post for RT.