Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Street Less Traveled

Blog hopping allows me to discover new things, and today, I discovered this meme, and I liked what it stands for.

The Road Less Traveled

This week, the theme is street. This was a picture I took last April when I went for a vacation in my mom's hometown in Bolinao, Pangasinan. My mom's family lives in Santiago Island, and although the island is now starting to show signs of "life" (concrete roads, motorcycles, big houses), more than 50% of the island is still very much on the countryside.

This street was one of the many streets that wasn't paved with concrete yet. My niece (a cousin's daughter) told me we would take this road instead of the main street to save some time. I actually had some qualms walking on this street, when I was young, my brother and I would do summer vacation here, and this road would lead to the house of "Crazy Bino," a person I am most afraid of because he was crazy. I remember an instance that I nearly fell a well because he wanted to "attack" me. May he rest in peace, my aunt said he died some years ago.

Walking through this dusty street brings back memories of childhood. It's nice to trace back footsteps of the past.

*** Jenn ***


hazelisles said...

A lovely leafy lane!

Rhonda McCalla said...

Hi... Jenn. Welcome to Everyday Live. It's my favorite meme. I think it's new... only about 8 regulars so far. I've been posting regularly for a couple months. I look forward to more photos from the Philippines. Rhonda

Luna Miranda said...

this scene looks so much like the roads near my grandfather's house in my childhood. and we had our version of Crazy Bino, too.:p