Friday, August 06, 2010

My Oreo

We have seven cats in our house and if Paborito is my favorite, the one closest to me is Oreo, one of the youngest cats we have. He just turned one year old, and although he would (at times) run away whenever I come near to carry him, he is just the kind of a cat that would always rub himself in my legs. This cat also loves my feet, he would always lie next to my feet whenever I am in the kitchen to prepare foods.

When I took this picture, I was actually chasing a dragonfly. Seeing I was up to something, my Oreo came with me, and tried to chase the dragonfly, too! :) However, both of us failed in doing so. Walking back inside the house, I think my dear cat felt my sadness, and he just stayed there, staring at me. I thought he looked cute, so I knelt and took a picture of him.

*** Jenn ***


Ma.links said...

Beautiful, a bit mysterious shot.

Mari said...

Exciting shot!

TorAa said...

He is really adorable..

we love Cats too, but have only two,
Manx Mother, so they are more or less tailless.