Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Hibiscus


I was walking out of the neighborhood to do some errands, when I noticed this one red hibiscus flower in one of the gardens. Since my errand won't take long and I will be traveling back home right after, I didn't bring my camera anymore. At first I battled it in my head if I were to use my cell phone or will I just try to take a picture of the flower later in the afternoon (or when I get back home), but then I thought the flower might not be there come later, so might as well take a picture "now."

I love my cell phone, and how it works just like a basic digital camera (I can change settings from macro to normal to infinity and I can change the exposures and white balance), however I was quite aiming for a sharp pistil/stamen and quite blurry petals, but because the macro setting in my cell phone's camera didn't have the "center weighted average," no matter how I try, I would be getting sharper petals and blurry pistil/stamen.

Still, I consider this one a blessing. I came home an hour after I took this picture and saw that the flower was gone. Maybe someone picked it, or the wind blew it away, but there was one lesson learned: when you're presented with something, grab it.

*** Jenn ***


Angie said...

Great shot!! Glad you were able to 'grab it'.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Simply beautiful. A hibiscus is one of my favorite summertime flowers.

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Have a great day.

Auntie E said...

Love the Cell phone technology. I use mine while on vacation to send to an ON the Go Blog I have. It always amazes me when I get back to see the pictures.
Love the way you captured the water drops on the flower.
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Manang Kim said...

I agree in two things somebody picked it and yes if opportunity knock, grab it! Happy Tuesday!
Something red, yellow & blue