Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Cafe in a Can

I try to take as much pictures as I can as I go through my everyday life. There will be days that I sent to sit in my bum all day without so much happening, and there will be days that I have to keep up with time because there are just so many things to do. I do transfer pictures everyday in my PC, but because life events just pile one after another, there will be times that I would completely forget certain pictures taken from before, and would use the fresh pictures here in my blog. Yesterday, I was editing year old pictures (to be uploaded in my Facebook), and found these pictures. It had a lot of red in it, so might as well share these for my Ruby Tuesday post this week.

It was being at the right place at the right time; my family and I walked to the new annex of the mall closest to our place because we needed some things to buy in the hardware. The new annex had this very big space for events, and on that day, Nescafe was promoting their newest product: the ready to drink coffee in cans. They treat people to free taste of their coffee in different flavors, and mall goers were serenaded by a group of people performing some acoustic songs.

There was also the Combi Van where people can pose to have pictures taken - that's my brother and my sister - and there was also a photo booth where people can use props and costumes before getting their pictures taken.

The simple joys of enjoying a great time with the family. So cool!

*** Jenn ***