Wednesday, November 03, 2010

O - Orchids / P - Passiflora

Last Wednesday, I traveled up north for some vacation. I didn't bring my net book with me, so now that I am back, I will make a 2-in-1 post since I wasn't able to blog about my "O" flower last week.


Initially, my "O" photo is supposed to be "oxalis," but the one picture I resized and watermarked was accidentally deleted, and I couldn't access the DVD-ROM to get the original photo stored in my disc. In my efforts to search flowers starting with "O," I learned about the oleander. I know I have taken a picture of it back then.. but like the previous reason I gave, I couldn't share it for now. Brain dead, I just went for a very obvious choice, "orchids."

Each orchid has their own name, but since people are more familiar calling each as "orchid," I guess this one qualifies for the theme. :) These gorgeous flowers were photographed from the orchid shop in Quezon Memorial Circle during my last visit to the park.


My "P" Flower is the "Passiflora," or "Passion Vine Flower," as most people call it. I took this picture at the plant/tree section of the weekend market located at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines last May, when my brother and I went to buy some food and other stuff. I couldn't take home any of the plants, so might as well just take a picture of it.

*** Jenn ***