Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Waiting Time


23 November, K and I were supposed to cross over Guimaras from Iloilo, but because we felt we still haven't roamed around Iloilo that much, we decided to skip Guimaras and just stay in Iloilo.

We continued with the church hopping, and one of the churches we visited in the afternoon was the San Jose Church near the Plaza Libertad. Crossing the park, we noticed that there were teenagers in costumes, and as we exit the church, we saw that there were more people in costumes.

We stopped for a while... tried to take discreet pictures because we didn't want them to feel that we were prying into their personal lives. A woman saw us, and realizing I am with a foreign man, she told us we were quite lucky to be at the right place at the right time because there was an event coming up. Actually, we felt we weren't at the right place at the right time because we needed to leave after a few minutes, and we won't be able to watch the event anymore. We still have one church to visit, and knowing it was quite far from where we were at, we really had to keep going.

Despite only having my cell phone to capture images, I still am thankful that I got to take this picture.

*** Jenn ***