Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Santa Claus!

Greetings from Baguio City! I haven't updated this blog for quite sometime - I am currently on a holiday with my dear K, and although there was a Wi-Fi connection back in the first hotel we stayed at, getting the time to edit pictures, upload it on Flickr, and typing the whole article wasn't something I have a luxury of at the moment. Today is our 4th day, and K isn't feeling that well - maybe it was the sisig he ate from last night and the very, very cold weather here in Baguio that upsetted his stomach, so I just let him doze off, and since I don't want to make unnecessary noises, might as well use the time to write this one.


My Ruby Tuesday share for this week was taken last night - K and I went to SM City Baguio because I needed to buy a new pair of footwear, and as we left the mall, we saw this gigantic Santa Claus. K's not into Christmas, but I am, so I took some time to take a picture of it.. and yes, having my picture taken as well. Christmas season starts here quite early - it officially starts on the first day of September and ends first Sunday of January. I love the comforting feeling of Christmas - and although I don't believe in Santa Claus, the child in me likes the idea of it...especially because one time long ago, my Christmas socks were filled with lots of goodies, and I did find it magical, even if it was just my parents filling it up.

*** Jenn ***