Monday, November 07, 2011

Eating is Always a Decision

The last time I posted for Quotography, I shared an image of food. Coincidentally, I am going to share another food picture this week, because this really is my favorite photo from October, reason being, I used my cell phone to capture this.

Pork Pata

I am now (technically) on my 2nd month of my weight loss journey, and even if I am doing good with my choice of food, there were a few times that I gave in to my desires - including cooking and eating this dish.

In case you're not familiar with it, this is pork leg cooked in some fish sauce and vinegar. I really love eating pork and high caloric, high cholesterol food. However, since losing 6lbs. last month, I don't think I can eat this food for the longest time because I don't want to lose track of my journey.

I am now eating more vegetables, and I have recently switched to eating whole wheat bread. I met a new friend who is really strict on me when it comes to eating and exercises, and thanks to him, I am more sensitive about certain food. True, the key is moderation, but really, there are some things I needed to let go - like soda / cola, chips, and fatty food. I still allow myself to eat most food, but I seriously would take proportion into perspective.

If you have tips to share - about healthy eating and overall wellness, feel free to share.

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