Friday, November 04, 2011

Haystack Fun

I wasn't able to join last week, so allow me first to thank Lori for choosing my "Leaves" picture as the Photo of the Week. :)

This week, it's about "straw," and since I can't find this drinking straw picture I took from last year, let me just share these pictures instead.



March of 2008, the whole family traveled dad's hometown to visit dad's grave in time for his first death anniversary. We stayed at the cemetery until after lunch, and since Aunt Lorie came with us, I asked brother if we could come with them to their house, just so we could make the most of this vacation.

When we got there, cousin Mai was asked by our Aunt to get the goats at another farm. Since people here basically know each other, some farmers let other farmers to let their goats stay in their farm, just so they won't eat precious crops. I liked the idea of exploring (especially that I am loving my cell phone and I just started my travel blog), so I came with my cousin. Obviously, brother and some of Mai's nieces came with us as well.

Near where the goats were, the kids say this haystack and started playing. I just loved how carefree children can be, so this precious moment I had to capture. Brother got a little jealous, so handing me his camera he asked me to take pictures of him.


Of course, would I let the moment pass without experiencing it? Of course not!
It was so nice to feel like a child again.... although having the rashes after that playing at the haystack for about 3 minutes weren't fun at all. Still, given the chance, I'd play here again!