Friday, November 11, 2011

Morning Sky

Today's prompt on Foto Friday is "Morning Sky," and since these pictures I am about to share were taken last November 09 and 10, I decided to link it to different memes, too.

Colinas Verdes Clubhouse

I took this morning of 09 November. It being a weekday, there weren't much people walking and jogging, so I was able to get a "clear" shot of the Colinas Verdes Clubhouse (means without any people around). I do love walking there every mornings, but at times it was difficult for me to go there because I don't have a companion.

* please mouse over to see the SOOC shot *

This was taken the morning after the first shot. I took this along the highway while walking to Colinas Verdes. I just loved how the mountains can be seen even with fog (or was it low clouds?), so I stopped for a while to take this picture.

I am linking this picture specifically for "Shoot. Edit. Submit." meme, and if you place your mouse over the image you'll see the SOOC. To get to the edit, I just cloned and healed parts of the sky and a few parts of the trees then rotated the image. Instead of cropping the picture after rotating, I decided to make another round of clone and heal so I won't have to lose little spaces around the image.

Both images captured the many reasons why I love walking to and around Colinas Verdes. Even if I don't get to do my morning walks everyday, I always look forward to going there because aside from the health benefits of walking, I am also amazed at the beauty nature has to offer.

Happy weekends!

and then, she {snapped}