Monday, November 14, 2011

Believers, Look Up!

Yesterday was a very awesome day for me because I got to see my fitness buddy, Pipoy in person. I first got to meet him online (at a forum), and since then, our friendship has been steady and going stronger.

Uplifting Quote

I took this picture at the Flower Garden of the Quezon Memorial Circle - where we spent time relaxing after some rounds of walking around the park. It was a great way of relaxing... taking pleasures in the beauty of Mother Nature. Moving from one flower bed to another also gave us chances to move even while on a "resting stage."

I have long heard of the tip that one shouldn't just photograph flowers looking down, but whenever I take pictures of flowers, I would always do that - either look down on it or photograph it with my camera lens at the side of the flower. My fitness buddy brought his camera, too, and while he was taking pictures of this little white flower, I was reminded of the tip I seem to have forgotten.

I applied that tip when I took pictures of this gerber daisy. Looking down on it gave me a very pretty shot, but taking my camera down and look up on it gave me not just a pretty shot - but quite dramatic as well.

All along, I thought I am on this weight loss journey alone. Meeting my fitness buddy is like meeting an angel.

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