Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Last week, I was way so surprised when my anti-virus has been sending me warning whenever I am in my photo blog. Come afternoon, when I checked back on the blog, I have been receiving this pop-up asking me to log-in for authentication. I asked some of my friends to check the blog, and some would say they would get the pop-up, too, while some don't receive any. I didn't want to create a commotion and I don't want to cause anyone a problem, so I just thought of opening another photo blog. I am actually hoping to get a domain, but I just don't know the steps in getting one - and how to set it up, so I guess I will just resort to the free one. Hopefully next year, I will have a photo blog which bears just my name.

I now welcome you to my new photo blog. Hope you enjoy your stay.

*** Jenn ***