Sunday, July 05, 2009


New month, new set of photos for Camera Critters. This month, I will be sharing pictures of my cats.

171/365 - Heights

This was taken last week of June. I was at our garden to look for a subject for my Project 365, when my cats started coming towards me to check what was I doing. This is my cat Pogi, trying to put up a show by climbing at the tree as high as he could. I found it really amusing that the cat would climb the tree then come down and climb up again. I watched his little show, with a camera on hand, and in one of his breaks, I took a picture.

Actually, this picture made it as my photo for that day.

*** Jenn ***


srp said...

How cute. My cats are now getting so old that they prefer to be couch potatoes all the time.

Cezar and Léia said...

wonderful post!Cute!
happy camera critters
Luna(from Brazil)

Kate said...

Pogi looks both curious and alert!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! He's a handsome boy.

Anonymous said...

Silly cat! Very cute.

Joy said...

I love this photo!