Saturday, July 04, 2009


photo hunt


For so many months, I found myself not visible in the blogosphere every weekends. But, in my efforts to give my blogs more time, I am going back to the weekend updates.

This week's theme on Photo Hunt is Pink. I saw this flower when my brother and I visited the Taoist Temple in Cebu City last February. We have a plant like this in our house, but when I saw it, I was instantly attracted to its beauty, that's why I took a picture of it.

*** Jenn ***


Gorgeous Nelly said...

Nice photo, I chose flowers for this week's theme too, hope you can come by and visit. Happy weekend.

Bettina said...

A beautiful flower. Great take.

Have a niece weekend.

Mine is up here:

Sandra said...

This is a beautiful flower, and I love your sky photo too!!

momgen said...

Very pretty flower thanks for sharing...happy weekend. Mine is ready also.

Mine is here

SASSY MOM said...

Lovely bloon jenn and great shot. Btw, I love the new layout! Mine's ready too... hope you can visit! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great pink flower.
Happy 4th.
Mine is up, come on by.

srp said...

It looks like a white lily that has been put in pink colored water and the color has spread through all the veins on the petals. Lovely. My pinks are up here.