Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A = Ayala Avenue

Wow... it's now Round 5 of ABC Wednesday! In the previous rounds, I wasn't really able to post entries for the entire duration of the round, so now, I really am making efforts in completing all the letters in the alphabet.

Ayala cor Makati Avenues

For Round 5, I decided to post pictures of places, or anything related to it. For letter A, I am posting a picture I took in Ayala Avenue in Makati City. I took this in April of 2008 using my cell phone, while my sister and I were waiting for a friend of mine. Being in this location brought me back memories as I used to cross this avenue everyday - day in and day out. The cylindrical shaped building is where I used to work as a telemarketer.

The road where the vehicles are is Makati Avenue, the road intersecting it is Ayala Avenue, one of the busiest roads in Makati. This city is the central business district of Metro Manila.

*** Jenn ***