Saturday, July 11, 2009


photo hunt


The theme for this week's Photo Hunt is "garbage." I was supposed to share a very old picture when I found a 50-peso bill in our trash bin, but our CD-ROM is not installed as of this moment, and I am having a hard time locating an uploaded image of it in my old online galleries. So, I decided to just look for something else.

I found this in my Cebu Trip files. It was 12 midnight, and my brother and I were walking along Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines, and as we walk back to the hotel, we saw this man, trying to locate recyclables in the trash. We weren't sure if he took the big trash bag from a local food chain (I can see the logo in one of the plastic bags) and just decided to sort them out here. It pains me to see people who needed to sort out garbage just to earn a living, but then again seeing images like this one makes me realize that even though I have had my own share of problems, I am still blessed.

I apologize for the very dark image, as I have said, it was 12 midnight... and I don't want to fire the flash in my camera as I don't want to startle the man.

*** Jenn ***


Tara R. said...

The lighting makes this shot that much more dramatic. it is sad what some people must to to simply survive.

upto6only said...

beautiful shot love it :)