Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Nameless White Flower

Today's Flowers

White Flower

Continuing with the white flower posts for Today's Flowers...

This picture was shot at a seminary when my SFC siblings and I went there on Good Friday. It was (I think) the 8th year that they were doing the Good Friday walk going to the seminary, but because I joined SFC just November last year, it was just my first time to go with them.

When we reached the seminary, we look for a place in the grounds for our discussions and reflections. After the opening prayer, we chilled out for a while - chit chats about anything and everything, and as brother Ran and I talked about photography, I noticed this plant and took a picture of its flowers. Very small plant with a small flower, glad the macro mode of my point and shoot camera was able to take it.

*** Jenn ***


Anonymous said...

Nameless or not, they're beautiful!

Denise said...

Exquisite! So delicate, lovely photo! Thank you for sharing it with Today's Flowers.

Pat - Arkansas said...

The flowers are beautiful. I know they are small, so I'm glad you noticed and got such a lovely photo.

SandyCarlson said...

Very nice. So fresh and new and delicate.

Mia N said...

Your flower is gorgeus and the photo goodtaked.
I like the dark side and the flowers are in light side.