Sunday, May 30, 2010

Butterfly Coupling

Butterfly Coupling

I picture I took from the grounds of Blessed Sacrament Novitiate in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. We (siblings from the church org and I) were walking towards the space where we will do our gathering, when one of us sent a word of caution, as we might accidentally step on the butterfly coupling. They weren't flying, so I took the time to take some pictures.

From what I know of, it's the female butterfly who carries the male butterfly when coupling. I sure am lucky I didn't become a butterfly. :)

*** Jenn ***


LadyFi said...

Women are strong and beautiful! ;-)

What an amazing picture.

As for my photo, I didn't do much processing. It was so hot in the butterfly house that the camera lens just misted up as I snapped the shot.

Thanks for your kind comment.

Dubster said...

Great shot. I think the butterfly was waiting for you to snap those camera so they will be features in your critters today hehe.

Thanks for the visit and comment.

Michael said...

Nicely spotted. We are getting some great butterfly pics this week. Summer must be near.