Monday, May 10, 2010

Orange Hibiscus


Today's Flowers

Welcome me back in doing posts for Today's Flowers. Pictures I will post for this month will be pictures I took from the weekend market of the Lung Center of the Philippines, which I visited yesterday.

This hibiscus flower was the very first thing that caught my attention. I was planning to eat breakfast and since I only eat at this one particular food place, I had to wait for my turn as their tables are all occupied. The next section to the food place was the plants section, and seeing the big blooms of the hibiscus, I walked over to take a picture. I just loved the folds of this flower.

*** Jenn ***


Louise said...

My goodness, this Hibiscus is just so beautiful. I haven't ever come across anything like it! A stunning photo too.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Welcome back!
This is truly amazing, perfectly designed.

Denise said...

A whirlpool of beauty, such a great shot Jen. Thanks so much for sharing. said...

marvelous....the first time that i see an orange hibiscus