Wednesday, December 01, 2010

T - Tassel Flower

181/365 c2 - Thistle?

One of the things I like about myself as a photographer is that my eyes can notice little things in the background - like a little bug on a flower, or a small flower amid the many grasses and green leaves. This tassel flower I spotted while my mom and I were walking out of the neighborhood. The flower is smaller than my pinkie finger yet its orange color caught the sides of my eyes, and I quickly stopped to take a picture of it.

Somehow, though, I felt I didn't give the flower some justice because the orange bristles weren't sharp, yet the base of the flower was. Well, it was really quite difficult to take macro pictures of small flowers using a point and shoot camera, and it was difficult to take pictures while part of my sight was with my mom checking how far she was from me already.

If I spot this flower again, I'd surely take my time in taking a picture of it.

*** Jenn ***