Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adding Backgrounds

I wasn't able to participate in Tutorial Tuesday last week, but I felt like making a comeback, so here's my take on this week's tutorial about adding backgrounds.

Red Rose from Brother SOOC

For this tutorial, I decided to use this image of a red rose given to me by my brother yesterday as his Valentine's Day gift. This image was taken using my cell phone's camera and used our off-white wall as a background - thinking it will be much easier to work with if I have a "solid" background.

Since it's Valentine's Day, I checked for free wallpaper designs and saw this one by Wolf and Willow.

Applying the steps indicated in the tutorial, I ended up with this image:

Red Rose from Brother

Erasing the pattern on the flower and leaves took the most time, but I was happy with how it turned out. Merging two layers, I also ran the "Summer Heat" action before I ran the "Unsharp Mask."

Tutorial  Tuesday