Wednesday, September 22, 2010

J - Jasmine

Jasmine is the only flower I know that starts with J, and with this letter coming up on ABC Wednesday I was faced with a problem. I do have a picture of jasmine in my file, but all were blurry! I could post that, or skip this week's letter.

Luckily, when I last went to the weekend market in Lung Center of the Philippines, I saw one kiosk that sells flowering plants and he had this:


... the Jasmine! I was really happy when I saw this because I don't have to either post the old blurry picture or skip this week's episode. I quickly grabbed pointed my camera on the flower and took pictures.

The Jasmine is very similar to the Philippines' national flower, the Sampaguita, but of course both were different flowers even if they look and smell almost the same.

*** Jenn ***