Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Necklace


I first shared this picture in my personal blog - An Autobiography in the Works. This was a different picture in the same batch, and is a picture of the necklace I bought at a shop in Divisoria - a popular market place in Manila that sells different goods in super cheap prices. This necklace I bought at 35 pesos (a little less than 1USD). It was a good looking necklace, but I only got to wear it once.

It has been in the box two and a half years until I took it out last week. Now that I knew that I had this necklace sitting in the box, I might be using it more this time.

*** Jenn ***


Linnea W said...

You photographed this piece beautifully!

Liza said...


Maria @ LSS said...

What a beautiful necklace. Nice capture.

Happy Ruby!

Maria @ LSS

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh my gosh....stunning! Hey? I have this red top that I wear often....care to let me borrow this some time soon?



Auntie E said...

very nice.
My Ruby Link for you

chubskulit said...

That's pretty sis!

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