Monday, September 20, 2010

White on Black

07 - Contrast

Today's Flowers

Last month, I joined Kristi's Photo Hunt Challenge, and one of the items to be hunted was "Contrast." I thought I could never finish the hunt because it was basically on the last day that I decided to continue and hunt all the remaining items in the list, and this one was actually something I neglected to look at, until I was organizing all pictures in a folder. I was chatting with my friend K that time and I asked him what would be the first thing that would come into his mind if I say "contrast." He answered, "black and white."

It was already 10pm, 2 more hours to do the hunt, and as I stood up to think how to interpret it, I realized our neighbor has this plant with white flowers, so at that hour, I went out and took one flower in their garden. To create the contrast, I took my sister's big black shirt to be the background.

I think I did good with this image. The flower was actually lying on the cloth, I just rotated the image as I edit it to make it look as if it was standing.

*** Jenn ***